All types of modern stairs

Modern private houses, as well as cottages, are mostly equipped with various staircases, the appearance of which depends on the general style of the house, which, in turn, depends on the interior of the house. In order to choose a particular staircase for your home, you need to know all types of stairs, as well as their distinctive features. Some people install sliding beds in their homes under the stairs.

The staircase can be spiral, wooden, straight, metal or combined. The creation of stairs using modern technologies allows you to design stairs of the most unpredictable shapes, for example, from glass and stainless steel. The most popular are wooden stairs made in a classic artsy style.

There are several classifications of stairs, for example, according to the material, they are divided into stairs made of wood, stairs made of various metals, stone stairs, stairs made of glass and ceramics, as well as forged stairs. By configuration, they are divided into mid-flight, as well as screw with many different variations. In addition, all stairs are unique in terms of design and can be used for different purposes. Ladders made of wood are leaders among other types of stairs, because their design is very reliable.