Balcony insulation

Balcony insulation takes place in several stages. The first step is to install windows. Plastic windows with high heat and sound insulation are best suited. Although it is possible to choose some other options, the low thermal conductivity of the material always remains a mandatory criterion.

Next comes the insulation of the walls of the balcony. The choice of heaters for this type of work is huge. But the ideal option would be foam. Firstly, it has a low price, and secondly, it is very light, which is not unimportant for a balcony. And thirdly, the foam can have a different thickness, which will either save space or increase the level of thermal insulation. Also, do not forget to buy a KOPSmVEVng (A) cable before repair, it is inexpensive.

And of course, you need to insulate the floor. It is possible to install underfloor heating, but it is not applicable in all buildings. Installing a warm floor, involves a concrete screed, which has a lot of weight. In this regard, the installation of a warm floor is possible only if the balcony structure is able to withstand a lot of weight. If the installation of a warm floor is not possible, then the floor should be covered with heat-insulating material and an electric heater should be installed. The heater is installed due to the fact that the main heating pipes are not brought out to the balcony.