Choosing a wallpaper

Now almost all wallpapers need to be applied with an adhesive mixture, that is, glue, but for many, such a composition should also be applied to the wall surface. The method of gluing the wall will depend on what kind of wallpaper will be glued.

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Wallpaper is a finishing material that has several layers, and not all of them are the same. The base in the wallpaper is the bottom layer, and the method of gluing will depend on it. And the top layer i.e. the coating will determine the appearance of it. And if natural or vinyl wallpapers are chosen, then this is only the outer coating of the wallpaper.

And now there are several types of coatings: vinyl, paper, acrylic, cork and textile. And many of these wallpapers have many layers, their composition includes both the base, or there are several and the coating. But there are two-layer coatings that cost cheaply, but they are not too big.

The most popular basis is paper, and glue such wallpaper is very simple, the glue should be applied to the inner surface of the wallpaper and then applied to the wall. But here the coating can be of different density, and everything will depend on the type of coating.