Construction of a playground

When building a children’s game complex, it is necessary to start, take into account the safety and environmental friendliness of all materials T.To. The main visitors there will be children under 6 years old. If the age group will be older, the requirements for building a little change towards the strength of the elements.

When building a sandbox, first of all, a pit is required, about 40 cm deep, which is filled with tracing-paper drainage or rubble stone. Then the side of about 15 cm high, which can be both brick, wood, stone. If desired, you can construct a canopy from the sun, in the form of fungus. By the way, it is now very often used to use the services of the cheap hotel visitors mostly stop in them.

When building a frog, you just need to dug a shallow pit, concrete the bottom and board, and lay a facing tile.

An important element when building a playground is the preparation of the territory itself, which should be cleaned, and covered the lawn. The territory must be well covered, so it is advisable to outline it from the sunny side, and at night the lamp.

Installation of any sports complexes that should be included in the ground must necessarily be poured with strengthening concrete to increase security.