Curtains in the bedroom

Another, no less important element of the bedroom are custom-made curtains. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. For the bedroom, they are usually made from well-draped, soft fabrics. They can be the same color as the wall to blend in with it. At night, this creates the effect of comfort and security. And those inhabitants who like to sleep longer will have to supplement ordinary, light curtains with thicker curtains. Or you can use matching color blinds.

One of the most common tricks is to make a bedspread and curtains from the same material. The main thing is not to forget that windows of different shapes are designed the same in different ways. If the room is small, but with a large window, you should not buy curtains with a large contrasting pattern. It can compress such a room even more. A small window in a large wall is visually enlarged by curtaining the entire window wall. And the windows located at the top of the wall are left completely without curtains. Another element of decor in the bedroom is a screen. It serves not only to cover the bed, but also an unusual addition to the whole style, emphasizing the image of the bedroom. It attracts not so much with its ability to transform, its decorative effect, but with the functions of sound absorption.