Ecological booster project for the Nogara highway in Italy

The environmental booster project designed by Mirco Bianchini for the Nogara Highway in Veneto, Italy provides a unique chance to combine environmental awareness, host interaction, and active materials. Its location (open country flat area among cultivated areas) reveals how critical variables are the impact of pollutants and the blinding phenomenon. With regard to such criticalities, the design uses digital generative and parametric strategies to produce a performative structure in which the densification and sparseness of elements is a local morphological response to dazzle.The structure itself acts as scaffolding for photography, a catalytic PET based material that, mimicking the behavior of coccoluti (marine microorganisms) is able to reduce CO2 (and potentially other pollutants) to salts and nitrates, which are then naturally deployed to nearby cultivated areas as fertilizers. The material has been tested for photo catalytic integration and is currently being developed.

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