Figured plasterboard ceilings

It is quite possible to make a curly ceiling yourself. First of all, you need to outline the desired result on paper. Then they proceed to direct marking on the site itself, that is, where it is planned to place the plasterboard structure. Now comes the turn of settlement and accounting work – they take measurements and calculate the amount of material. Here, the important point is that it is necessary to carefully pick up the drywall, as it happens for the hallway, bathroom, and also the kitchen. Based on the place of attachment and load, carefully select the profile. After that, special deflections are already made, and the workpieces are also mounted with self-tapping screws. In general, the goal can be considered achieved, and you can start priming and puttying.

In the course of creating some special forms, it is important to take into account the specifics of the finishing elements used for decoration. In other words, ceilings can be covered with wallpaper, but they must repeat the texture of the surface. Figured plasterboard ceilings are allowed, and painted, and wallpaper here can not be used. The implementation of such an interior solution requires preliminary puttying. Moreover, you can use textured mixtures, allowing you to get a surface of different textures.