Foam protection

By not providing protection to the mounting foam, there is a high probability that negative consequences may occur under the influence of the environment, for example, cracks will appear on the surface, while water and sun contribute to fading. Another detrimental effect is a reduction in the service life. At the same time, the value of this parameter will not exceed four years, and the thermal insulation qualities will be lost. An excess of moisture in the structure of the foam contributes to a decrease in thermal conductivity by dozens of times. Low temperatures and very severe frosts will irreversibly spoil the foam. So where there is no protection, the destruction of the seam cannot be avoided, as a result of which the beneficial properties will come to naught. By the way, on the site aboutstroitelstvo_domov_is_penobloka, you can find useful information about mounting foam and building houses from foam blocks.

Prevent full foam destruction will help the use of a special membrane ribbon used for waterproofing needs. Initially, such a tape was created to protect this kind of joints and construction-type seams. Working with these types of tapes does not require the use of special tools. However, it is important that the work surfaces must be completely cleaned. In most cases, the tape is applicable to the opening area. It must be glued along the entire length, excluding the formation of gaps.