High-quality doors from the Artdeco company

The modern Artdeco company uses exclusively environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, as well as the most modern imported equipment, to manufacture its products. Artdeco products are manufactured using innovative materials processing methods. Artdeco doors are carefully controlled at every stage of production, which in turn guarantees the highest quality of the final product. 

Special attention deserves the experience and professionalism of Artdeco employees, among which are craftsmen, designers and technologists, thanks to whom the production of doors is truly at a high level. Modern Artdeco interior doors are made from competently dried solid coniferous tree species. Artdeco door leafs are finished with high quality natural veneer. To prevent the veneer from deforming and bursting over time, the company uses a special veneering method. With it, the coating of the door leaf does not come into contact with the base of the leaf personally. Artdeco interior doors are covered with safe for humans and modern paint and varnish compositions, which are based on polyurethane.