How to create a comfort zone in the kitchen

Redevelopment and neat furniture for kitchens will help to expand the kitchen, create an individual design in it. However, by removing the wall and combining the living room and kitchen, the question arises of separating zones. One zone should retain its true purpose of the kitchen, the other should be responsible for relaxation and comfort. There are several options for delimiting areas of a spacious kitchen. First, the borders can be given a visual effect. For example, decorate the recreation area with wallpaper or clapboard, and the kitchen area itself, following the classics of the genre, with ceramic tiles. In addition, zones can be separated using a multi-level ceiling or floor. However, there is no need to overdo it, this method should not infringe on either the first or second zone. The kitchen should remain comfortable and functional.

You can define zones thanks to partitions, arches or bar counters. In addition to the fact that all these structures will share the cooking zone and the comfort zone, they can become an integral part of the kitchen set. For example, the rack will serve as a table for cooking, and shelves or towels can be hung on the partition.

When delimiting the kitchen, it is important to correctly calculate the area of ​​​​each of the zones, because in case of improper use of space, the kitchen will lose comfort or functionality.