How to insulate the floor on the first floor of the house

Many residents of the first floors of an apartment building are familiar with the numerous inconveniences of living. One of the main problems is cold floors, almost all year round. Therefore, the issue of floor surface insulation is particularly acute. There are two options for insulation: internal and external. Internal insulation is carried out in several stages: 1) Vapor barrier, which is necessary to protect against dampness and humidity from entering the apartment from the basement. To do this, use a material such as roofing material. By the way, did you know that doors are now being sold in Kursk at a low price.

2) Thermal insulation is often carried out by filling expanded clay or gravel with a layer of 15 centimeters. You can also use foam and mineral wool. 3) From above, on the heat-insulating material, a floor screed is made with the obligatory reinforcement of the cement surface. External insulation is carried out from the basement side and is more laborious than in an apartment. The complexity of the work gives numerous tubes of communications. For insulation, not all thermal insulation materials are suitable, but only those that are fireproof. Sometimes all insulation is to close the blood pressure in the winter and insulation of the basement door.