How to remove an old rusty nail

Many think that the nail of the tree can be pulled out quite easily and they are deeply mistaken in this. This is due to the fact that if the nail rusted, his pulling can cause a lot of difficulties even from an experienced master, not to mention those who are not professionals.

During the removal of a rusty nail, it should be remembered that it is simply impossible to unscrew it, so it’s best to try to pull it out. To do this, you should use the passage, which will need to hold the head of the nail. Then you will need to make circular movements clockwise and you will need to make an effort on yourself. So you pull the rusted nail. By the way, now they often began to buy cabinets with a photo printing cost they are inexpensive.

You can still warm the nail hat with the help of an ordinary soldering iron. When heated, the nail will expand and after it cools down, you can easily remove it. This method can only be used when the rust has not severely damaged the nail.

Then, when the nail is very rusty and difficult to pull out, you can use special chemicals that corrode its top layer, after which it will be easy enough to pull it out with pliers.