How to renovate an apartment in French style

This style is characterized by harmony, sophistication and respectability. Before starting repairs, decide which color scheme will prevail in your home. It is best to opt for natural, natural shades: blue, sand, chocolate, beige, pinkish. Avoid overly bright and flashy colors. For finishing the floors, an expensive high-quality laminate, ceramic tile or parquet is suitable. For walls, decorative plaster, wood panels and eco-friendly paint are perfect. Ceilings can be simply painted or whitewashed. After repairing the apartment, do not forget to install a drager gas analyzer, it will ensure that no foreign gas is present in the apartment.

Choose furniture from MDF or natural wood. Wicker furniture is also perfect, as well as furniture that is decorated with wrought iron elements. All furniture corners must be smoothed. Round tables with curved legs, as well as a bed with a twisted metal headboard, will help create a real French style in your home.To create a beautiful interior, do not forget about textiles. Suitable silk fabrics, organza and velvet. For the bedroom and living room, buy a wool blanket. And put figurines and caskets, as well as exquisite candlesticks on the shelves.