Living room decoration

When guests come to you, they immediately fall into the living room. In her appearance, one gets the impression of the whole house and the owners. To make a good impression, you need to correctly select the finishing materials and arrange the furniture correctly. Now let’s talk about everything in more detail.

Let’s start as always from the floor. Floor covering material can be almost any. The main thing is that cleaning does not cause much trouble. Pay attention to the fact that the color of the flooring is in the same color scheme with the general environment. A parquet board or laminate will look very solid.

Wallpaper can be any, the main thing is to choose the right pattern and color. Beware of bright and defiant colors. They strain the eye and act as an irritant. Give preference to a non-bright color of a particular shade. Peach or pale blue will look great. The drawing can be almost anything, but not very large.

Don’t Forget Lighting. Remember that light creates coziness in a room. Choose a chandelier that will fill the entire room with light, but will not look too bulky. Alfa Poland chandeliers are the best choice.

Add a few antiques to the overall interior to show your impeccable taste.