Low demand for Russian five-story buildings

Analysts report that recently in the real estate market in Moscow, owners have been offering housing for sale, the total share of which is 12.7% of all market offers for sale and purchase. About 65% of them are in housing built of brick. About 25% of the total number of these proposals refers to housing in the Central Administrative District of the capital.Experts believe that the demand in the real estate market for apartments consisting of 5-storey buildings is rather low, in contrast to the demand for modern high-rise buildings. At the same time, there are still stable buyers for five-story buildings, especially for housing in brick buildings. This is due to the fact that such houses differ in quality and material, but block and panel formats of 5-story buildings are bought less willingly.

According to analysts, apartments in brick houses on the market account for about 65% of offers, while 10% of them are houses of “Stalinist construction”.

Experts believe that this type of residential premises is distinguished by a relatively small area, which largely affects the price of apartments – it is usually lower. In 5-story buildings in Moscow, those citizens who are unable to purchase expensive housing, but who do not want to spend money on renting premises, buy apartments.