Metal and combined fences

Metal and combined fences

Any fence, in addition to its obvious protection functions, must cause the owners to feel pride in the beauty and elegance. The ideal fence is the fence that combines reliability and competent design.

metal fences.

Currently, metal profile fences are very popular in the construction market. Their main advantages are high protective characteristics and stability. An attacker will not be able to break this fence using simple physical force. The main disadvantages include the complexity of installation, due to the large weight of the structure. The fence itself is installed on pre-prepared poles. This process is very time-consuming, which should only be handled by specialists.

Combined fences.

Quite a popular option are combined fences. In the construction of this fence, several materials are used simultaneously: brick, stone, concrete. Wood is also not a bad combination. In principle, the support itself may not necessarily be made of metal, but it is necessary that the poles are installed securely and are durable. If the fence is made of brick, then you need to take care of its top in order to prevent precipitation.