Office planning and renovation

At the moment, the most common office layout options are open, closed and combined layouts. In the case of the first option, the office is mostly an open space, which is divided into zones by means of partitions. The closed layout option involves dividing the premises into offices in which there are a certain number of people.

The transition between rooms can only be carried out along the corridors. This measure helps to reduce the noise level. When planning a combined type, the office is represented by open space and separate offices, which are protected by translucent or simply transparent partitions. In such offices, the role of the common space is reduced to the daily current work of employees, while various negotiations and interviews take place only in separate rooms.

Repair of offices can be carried out capitally, when there is a complete replacement and organization of all communication systems, demolition and replacement of wall or ceiling structures, as well as redevelopment. Repair is carried out by the owners of the office who purchased this premises. Also, during the overhaul, work is carried out to replace heating, pipes, plumbing, hydro and noise insulation.