Outfit for the facade

Facade decorations include various facing materials, the most popular of which are natural and artificial stones, brick and porcelain stoneware. The facade, decorated with plates from natural stones, has a special architectural expressiveness and monumentality. The outer wall of the building looks unique thanks to the “game” of the residences, as well as color shades of stone. Another advantage of the “stone” facades can be called durability. But the outer decoration is carried out not any rock. Favorite FLIR FLIR FLIR FLIR FAVORITE FLIR FOR SALE SALE FOR THE LIME LINK.

Dimensions Plates of natural stones are sets of species. This material allows you to perform a wide variety of decorative elements. The most common texture of facing stone is polished, which gives the facade of the type of rigor. At the same time, the sought-after stones are “ribbons”, with slim edges or inhomogeneous facial surface. Among the main deficiencies of the “stone” facades there are their big worth.

Advanced technologies allow you to copy any natural stones with high accuracy, regardless of size and color. This refers to an artificial stone – a concrete product in combination with a variety of components.