Paneled interior doors

Starting a conversation about the choice of interior doors, as a rule, not one consumer can understand exactly which interior doors he really needs. Massive doors made of wood are not affordable for everyone, so it is not surprising why most buyers opt for panel doors. It turns out that such doors are most suitable as interior doors. By the way, did you know that now you can buy a greenhouse on the website at a low price.These doors are assembled from wooden frames assembled from strappings, which are the load-bearing elements of the door. However, in order for the paneled door to become even stronger, mullions are added to the basis of its design, dividing the door leaf into different parts and connecting the strapping to each other. Paneled panels and glass are attached to the harness. Paneled panels are usually made from solid wood: MDF, chipboard, with hollow honeycomb or fillers. Today, panel doors from Spanish and Russian manufacturers are the most popular and relevant on the construction market. According to statistics, a panel door costs an average of $ 350. The following materials are also used: clear, oak, beech and even mahogany.