Putty knife

Spatula – a tool designed to perform repair and finishing works. It serves to correct various kinds of irregularities on the walls and ceiling, as well as cracks, using for this putty or mastic. The spatula has the shape of the blade and consists of a working surface (blades) and handles. Traditional materials for the manufacture of blades are wood and steel. However, in some cases, rubber, wood, plastic and even glass use for the manufacture of spatulas. Regardless of the material, the spatula blade must be well ground and even.

For the manufacture of wooden spatulas, dense wood species are used; such spatulas are used for leveling and applying putty on wooden and plastered surfaces. The width of the working surface of a wooden spatula – from 150 to 200 mm.

The best material for making a metal spatula is stainless steel, the handles for such tools are made of hardwood. They are used to clean surfaces from putty, old wallpaper and paint, as well as for puttying on wood and metal. Blade width of a metal spatula – from 30 to 100 mm.


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