Rent of special equipment

When used in the construction of specialized components, you can slightly change the characteristics of the concrete in the proportions. Special machinery services inexpensively can order on the link.

Additives are a group of artificial or natural materials, at the stage of preparation, introduced into the composition of concrete to improve their chemical-physical, mechanical, technological properties, and to significantly reduce the final cost of materials. The degree of change in the parameters of ready-made solutions depends on the volume of additives introduced into the solution. Today, concrete additives are used in almost all production technologies for any purpose and are conducive to the emergence of new concretes, for example, fiber-reinforced concrete, which would be impossible without the additional use of various additives.

If we talk about the categories of the most popular additives, then here it is necessary to single out stabilizing additives, waterproofing and plasticizing, polymeric and surfactant compositions. In some cases, during construction work, additives responsible for regulating the hardening of concrete mixes will be of no small importance – retarders or accelerators of hardening solutions.