Replacing glass in a plastic window

If this happens, the glass in the plastic window is damaged, the first step will be to free the old double-glazed window from the glazing beads. Also, the main thing when approaching this work is to prepare a tool, the minimum that you need is tight gloves and a blanket on which you put broken glass from the inside. This repair work must be carried out by the company that installed the window, but only if the warranty period has not expired. But, and if the window has been installed for a long time, then you will have to do the replacement of the double-glazed window yourself.

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Materials that you will need when working: spatula, double-glazed window and plastic gaskets. A spatula will help you pry one of the glazing beads. The glazing bead must be raised to such a height that a plastic gasket can be inserted under it. Do the same procedure on the other side. The plates are moved apart, disconnecting the glazing bead from the frame. This procedure must be repeated until you can pull out the old double-glazed window. That’s all, a broken double-glazed window was removed from the metal-plastic window and a new one was installed to replace it. It seems to be not something complicated, but you have to sweat.