Roof anti-icing systems

One of the most affordable anti-icing systems is considered to be a system based on heating cables. Its correct installation, taking into account the design of the roof, completely eliminates the possibility of ice formation. The undoubted advantage of this system is its relatively low cost, efficiency and low power consumption. As a rule, at low temperatures (from -18 ° C), the operation of anti-icing systems is not needed, it can even be harmful, since the sun’s heat is not enough to melt the snow, and the roof’s own heat is not enough to form an ice crust. Now the office relocation service in St. Petersburg is very popular, it is used daily.

In order to ensure rapid melting and removal of melt water from the roof, a lot of electricity is required, but all efforts will be in vain if drains are not thought through. The power of the heating cables of the system can be adjusted, the only thing to remember is that the system operates inefficiently beyond the power limits: if the power is less than the lower limit, then the system does not work, if it is higher, then the electrical power is spent inefficiently, and the quality of its work does not improve. The main thing to remember is that when installing an anti-icing system, you should adhere to the requirements of fire and electrical safety.