SMS to virtual numbers: when you need it

To register on almost any site, online service, you need to use a mobile phone number. It should receive a message containing a code that must be entered to confirm registration.

But for various reasons, the user may not want to indicate his number on the site. In this case, a special service for receiving SMS to virtual numbers 365 SMS (Receive SMS online) will come to the rescue.

Features of the service

365 SMS opens access to registration on almost one and a half hundred different sites and services. Among them are such popular web resources in our country as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Airbnb, etc. Features of 365 SMS are as follows:

  1. The service is fully automated. Thus, conditions are provided for reducing the cost of services to a minimum. At the same time, the quality of service delivery remains consistently high.
  2. The number for receiving messages is issued to the service client for 20 minutes. This time is enough to receive a huge number of messages for free.
  3. You will only be charged for messages received. And this means that in the event that not a single SMS was received by a virtual number, the entire amount will be returned to the balance.
  4. Services for clients are available in a wide range, so that everyone can find the option they need.
  5. The list of countries for activation is very extensive and includes several dozen items.
  6. User-friendly interface and intuitive control options.
  7. A huge number of virtual numbers are available at minimal prices.
  8. A client who purchases a wholesale package of numbers receives an excellent discount (up to 80%) on payment for any 365 SMS services under the current loyalty program.

In what situations are 365 SMS services needed

The services of the 365 SMS service are used in situations where you need to register an account on a social network or messenger or on any site in order to receive a confirmation code. This is a very useful service in the following situations:

  1. Your own user number has already been used for registration before.
  2. There is a need to maintain anonymity on the Internet, so it is impossible to use a real number.
  3. To re-participate in the promotion or receive any bonuses.

Using the virtual number service, each person can create any number of accounts. It is also possible to use the number of another state by selecting a country from the list.