Strengthening the floor to install a washing machine

As you know, the floors in most apartments have an old coating, performed by the Lag system often located in the depressing condition and attached to their surface with nails and screws of a fibustar plate sheets. Such a coating will often be built and has a very low strength and stability indicator for setting on such a floor such equipment as an Indesit washing machine is fraught with a high level of noise from the technique due to work due to the base instability.

In order not to resort to large-scale floor replacing work, you can strengthen the machine-needed section of the coating. To do this, the angle grinder cuts out a rectangle equal to the size of the bottom of the equipment. The resulting niche is strengthened by laying out the appropriate number of bricks interconnected with mortar. After the frame is ready, it is poured with a mixture of concrete and left to dry completely.

After two days, the surface is leveled with sandpaper and installed on the prepared and reinforced floor with the necessary equipment. Thanks to this technology, vibrations from the operation of the motor will be minimized, and the equipment will work without noise and shaking for a long time.