The better to glaze a balcony in Khrushchev?

Glazing of balconies in houses built in the 50-70s of the twentieth century – a special article. Balconies in “Khrushchev” (no more than 750 mm in depth and 3000 in width) are small, the slabs are worn out, chipped. The railing is made of bar, which has been worked on by corrosion. But you still want to get an additional room, albeit a small one, but not blown by the winds and not flooded with rain. It is worth noting that now the demand for cultivators has increased. The tornado cultivator differs among others in its characteristics.

It is clear that a warm balcony without metal-plastic will not work, but such structures are quite heavy for a start, you should check the strength of the carrier plate of your balcony. If the strength is insufficient, you will have to additionally strengthen the plate. The event is not cheap, which, along with a very decent cost of metal-plastic structures and double-glazed windows, will deal a serious blow to the family budget.

The best solution for glazing a balcony, perhaps, are aluminum sliding. Light weight, reasonable price, elegant appearance – the main advantages of the aluminum profile. Sliding sashes, when opened, do not interfere with being on the balcony. In addition, the low weight of the structures makes it possible to perform remote glazing, which significantly increases the usable area of ​​the balcony