The choice of material for the bath

A good bath is the dream of every homeowner. But before you start building it, you need to decide which material to choose.The traditional building material for the bath is wood. Whole logs are an environmentally friendly material, they can be purchased at an affordable price. But this building material also has disadvantages. For example, buildings made of logs tend to shrink. In addition, in winter it is not very comfortable in a wooden bath, as such structures do not retain heat well due to cracks.

If you want to build a bath, which is called “for centuries”, this can be done using brick. But this is the only advantage of this material – its durability. If we take the technical disadvantages of a brick bath, then their mass. But still, the biggest drawback of such a structure will be the absence of a pleasant woody aroma and the warm atmosphere of a Russian bath.

The best option for building a bath is profiled or glued beams. This beam is made from coniferous wood, processed in a certain way using the most modern technologies. The beam can be laid end-to-end, which eliminates the penetration of cold air and moisture into the cracks. The beam has almost no flaws, retains heat well and at the same time has a low cost.