Types of gazebos

Any gazebo makes the site more comfortable and cozy. It can be built for every taste and budget, choosing the right one for the landscape design of your yard. The most popular, of course, wooden. Wood is an environmentally friendly material that does not heat up in the sun. From wood, you can build a gazebo of any shape and style, decorate with various decorative elements. Forged arbors are more expensive, but they will serve much longer. They do not require special care. This type is made in any shape and style. Polycarbonate walls and roof are perfect here. In such a gazebo, without fear, you can install a barbecue oven. At your leisure, it will not be superfluous to find out the prices for air conditioners in Saratov. 

You can build a pavilion. In such closed gazebos it will be cozy in any weather. In snow and rain, the pavilion is usually protected by glazed walls. And in the summer it is ventilated thanks to open windows and doors. This room can be used for a winter garden, where green plants can live for several years. Another option: by attaching a pavilion to the house, it can be used as a veranda. In addition to the above options, there are arbors of bricks, with sliding and “live walls” created from curly plants, shrubs or trees.