Upholstery of metal doors

Quite often, doors made using a metal frame are characterized by inadequate noise protection, so you have to resort to their lining. As a rule, batting or foam rubber serve as materials for the insulating layer. It is also worth noting vinyl artificial leather, which is distinguished by ease of use, as well as an affordable price. Of course, you can upholster the door from the inside and outside, but in most cases this is done from the inside.

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Upholstery can be carried out in several ways, so the first one proceeds when the door is dismantled from the hinges, and in the other way, the surface is upholstered accordingly on the door already put in the box. The main point is the understanding that work should not be carried out at too low temperatures, since some modifications of adhesives tend to lose their parameters when cold, so it is extremely important to observe the temperature regime. During the upholstery, when the door is not removed, you will have to resort to the use of special linings, which are done as follows: the insulating material is placed on the fiberboard, after which it is covered with vinyl leather.