Where is it acceptable to use a cage in the interior

Using a checkered pattern in the interior is very difficult, as it requires a more careful attitude and a clear plan. Let’s see the most convenient places to use it in the most ordinary apartment. By the way, being carried away by the interior, you should not forget about engineering and geological surveys.

The ideal and easiest option is the bathroom. In most cases, its walls and floor are already tiled, you just need to combine several colors. Then you have the perfect design.

As a distraction, the checkered pattern can also be used in rooms whose shape is far from classical. These are, first of all, attics or uneven walls. The color of such a cell must be bright.

There are also places where a cage is simply contraindicated. First of all, these are various pieces of furniture for the bar, as well as paintings in large frames. In addition, do not forget that too many cells can cross out the originality of the idea. As they say, everything should be in moderation.

Let’s not end our article on a sad note and talk about the benefits of an interior that uses a checkered pattern. First of all, a room with such a finish will never be boring, and it will also not require frequent repairs.