Wine Museum in Cerro San Cristòbal

Tower design designed for wine museum competition in Cerro San Cristòbal, north of Santiago. Architects in Dra & U decided to use the idea of ​​the tower and turn it into exhibition space. The goal was to use the internal dynamics as a generating force for the whole design, ultimately considering its shape as a sculpture. In an attempt to avoid the usual appearance of the “box” of the museum, they allow the organization of exhibition spaces to affect the distribution of envelope design and openings. External and internal volumes thus become associated with a large number of “capillaries”. The “capillary” system helps to prevent direct light in the exhibition spaces, and at the same time allows visitors to the tower to observe the city or parks. To the idea of ​​combining a 100 m high building. approached the natural environment from a systemic point of view. Focusing on the principles of living organisms, the project attempts to engage in a dialogue with the internal external dichotomy of contemporary architecture.

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