Wooden floors

Wood flooring is still widely used today. However, today, many designers prefer not to hide the beautiful texture of wood under a layer of paint, as they did before, but just varnish the wood. Lacquered wood floors look very expensive, beautiful and, so to speak, stunning! Wooden floors are laid not only in residential premises, this type of flooring is also appropriate in gazebos, such floors are mounted during the construction of sheds and food storage rooms.

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Installation of such floors is quite simple. It does not require any special skills, it is only necessary to have some building skills, a desire to lay the floor, as well as a few assistants to speed up the installation process. Many people think that wooden floors are impractical, ugly, and also very cold. This opinion is very wrong. If you properly prepare the base, the floor will be warm. Don’t worry about insects that can ruin floors. Before laying, each board is carefully treated with special substances that will repel pests.