Wooden windows

Since ancient times, people, having rich forest lands, built their houses and roofs over their heads from wood. And wooden windows have not been abandoned even in our time, when houses rise from brick and concrete. Environmentally friendly, breathable, durable and reliable, these windows delight with their appearance and care. And the durability of such windows is proven by time.

Pleasant appearance is achieved due to the paint layer. You can cover wooden windows with paint or varnish. A simply varnished surface will also be considered sustainable. So that the coating does not crack or darken within two to three years, it is recommended to apply varnish or paint in two to three layers. Naturally, when installing wooden windows, you should pay attention to the quality of the material. The tree must be dried and even, since all the defects associated with the installation will continue to be even more detected and destroyed.

In general, they can deform the window frame or fittings. Wood withstands all temperatures and weather conditions. But during processing, it is desirable not to wet the wooden frames and wipe them dry. The best solution is laundry soap or a simple washing powder.

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